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Trepidation and other updates

Tango Girls has been out for a few days now, and today I finally had my first honest-to-goodness sale. I have to admit I was a little nervous waiting. That was in the Smashwords store, which is my preferred venue even though it is relatively obscure as a retail outlet. I haven’t sold any on Amazon’s Kindle Store, even though that was the source of almost half my sales for Folly Beach Love Story.

Looking at this optimistically, it should be noted that the book has yet to be approved by Smashwords (they have had some larger concerns this past week, what with PayPal threatening to cut them off). What this means is that the book is not promoted on Smashwords. More importantly, it is not yet made available to the other big retailers,  most notably Apple and Barnes and Noble (the latter had as many sales for me as did Amazon). In the internet age, you have to give people what they want in the format they want from the store they want, so I need to wait until it hits those retailers before I really push hard in marketing. But, I remind you that it is half off if you buy it directly from Smashwords.

Now, there are other projects afoot. In addition to the Haiku Project (which I finally got around to posting updates for today) I am working on a very short collection of poems about the bombing of Dresden in WWII. I have that song that I’ve pledged to write by the end of this month, and I have my regular writing prompt group to curate.

If that’s not enough, next weekend I am going to Gypsy Meltdown for three days of Contra dancing. If you’re going, leave me a comment. Perhaps we can find each other in line.

More News

More exciting news on the Tango Girls¬†front: none other than the lovely and talented Tango Girl J has agreed to do the cover art. I’m very excited to see what she comes up.

Our writing prompt for this week is another constraint, and this one is tough. We can write whatever we want, any form, but we cannot use the letter s anywhere in it. I’m letting that bleed into the Haiku Project this week as well. With a constraint like this, it really stretches you to consider the language you are using to tell the story you want to tell.

I haven’t reported on my sales figures in a while. More good news there: as of today I have sold either 42 or 43 copies. The reason there is uncertainty is that one of my sales in December was the Amazon UK store. This is my first non-US sale! Wooo! There is also a sale on Amazon.com. The way the report works I can’t tell if that is the same sale or two different ones. (Amazon.com should be just the US store, but I’m not certain.) At any rate, that means that Kindle sales are now tied (or one behind) Nook sales. Apple sales still lag way behind.

I read two new poems last night, and here they are for your enjoyment.

I’ll probably be posting a bit less (aside from Haiku Project) in the next few weeks as work on Tango Girls moves into high gear. Enjoy it while you can.